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Clark Cooper
Direct Response Copywriting
Media Buying Master
Distinguished Agency
Customer Acquisition
Facebook Advertising
Mastermind Professional
Email Marketing Specialist

I really appreciate the clarity

"Clark, you truly made today's get-together a learning experience. I really appreciate the clarity that I finally have about the "you" rules of Facebook. I think I can do it now and not get in trouble! So many Clubbers have come to depend on you for valuable feedback..."

Roy V.



Worth more than a $12k mastermind

"This one call was worth more than an entire year in [$12K mastermind name removed]."

Michelle C.

(Podcaster and Coach)


Email after email... "You made a sale"

"You are a genius... It was pretty sweet to be sitting in [Internet Marketing guru]'s class and see email after email coming in, "You made a Sale"... "You made a sale"... "You made a sale"... You da man!"

Ray B.

(Author and Coach)